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New Article about Mediation and Management

Professor Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt's new article tackles the thorny issue of the nexus between mediation and management.

Published in InnOvaciOnes de NegOciOs, a prestigious journal focused on research in the field of management and business administration, the article concludes that there is an important place for mediation in the workplace.

Abstract: Dealing with conflict is an important part of the process of management; however few managers have received formal training in conflict analysis and resolution methods. Mediation, the process of a neutral third party helping parties in a dispute come to a mutually acceptable solution to a dispute is a non-coercive process that can increase job satisfaction, lower employee turnover, and improve the quality of decision making in an organization. Therefore the present paper argues in favor of integrating mediation as part of the core functions of management and as part of a systemic strategy to deal with conflict in the workplace.

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