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Book titled "Education in Times of Pandemic is now available from the publisher's website.

The book titled "EDUCACIÓN EN TIEMPOS DE PANDEMIA, GUERRA E INCERTIDUMBRE" published by Plaza y Valdes, one of the topic publishers in the social sciences and by the Universidad Autonoma de Nueva Leon in Mexico, is now available for purchase from the publisher's official website. The book was co-edited by Ambassador Otto Federico von Feigenblatt and by Professor Maria de Jesus Araiza Vazquez and it covers a vast array of topics in relation to the challenges faced by international education during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The publication of this important volume was supported by the Interuniversity Lecture Series and by the House of Feigenblatt. Professor Maria de Jesus Araiza Vazquez, Fellow of the Interuniversity Lecture Series, proactively promoted the project and included several promising young scholars in the research process.

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