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Zipaquira hosts important welcome ceremony for the House (May, 20240

The Museum Casa Quevedo Zornoza hosted the regional celebrations for Museum week. The main event of the celebration was the keynote lecture on “museums and education” delivered by His Excellency Ambassador Otto Federico von Feigenblatt. The lecture was held at the Museum and it was attended by local leaders such as: the Mayor, the Bishop of Zipaquira, the Rector of Universidad Gran Colombia, the Director of the Salt Cathedral, and the Secretary of Education of Cundinamarca, among many others. Ambassador Otto Federico von Feigenblatt also presented the household badge to new members: Monsignor Cubillos, Bishop of Zipaquira, Ana Lucía Segura Medina, Secretary of Education of Cundinamarca, Dr. Marco Tulio Calderón Peñaloza, Rector of the Universidad Gran Colombia, Dr. Eduardo Ortega Ruíz, President of FUNZIPA and chair of the board of trustees of the Universidad Gran Colombia, and Wilson García Fajardo, Mayor of Zipaquira, among many important regional figures. The House’s delegation included Mr. Tulio Pizarro, second secretary, and Mr. Mathew James Anderson, guest of honor. The ceremony took place on the 17th of May.

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